We Aim to Facilitate And Encourage Recycling In

Hong Kong

We hope everyone will do their part for our community our planet and our children

Who We Are

Hi everyone! My name is Kenny. I recently moved back to Hong Kong from the UK where I had lived for over 20 years. Whilst there, recycling was part of my daily routine but on my return I was so disappointed to learn of the recycling situation in Hong Kong

The Current Situation

In 2018 we sent the equivalent of over 8 million plastic bottles and 600,000 wine bottles to the landfill EVERYDAY. We throw away more and more and recycle less and less. This is the overall recycling rate in Hong Kong.

The Problem

We realised people are attempting to recycle but are often constrained by two issues

1. The government’s free recycling service is inefficient and ineffective. Many recycling bins are often overfilled and uncollected for a long period of time therefore people start putting recycling materials into general rubbish bins

2. More than often, recycling materials left in government’s recycling bins are not taken for recycling because they are dirty or contaminated with other materials, leading to the whole batch being taken to landfill.

What We Do

Hong Kong has a dismal recycling record compared to global cities. We believe by making recycling easy and available we can encourage everyone to recycle more and recycle often. We can all play a little part for our community, our planet and our next generation. We want to provide you with your own recycling bin, you can fill it up and we will come and collect it once a week. We make sure what we collect from you are sent directly to the correct recyclers.

What We Offer

Plan you can choose

Love Recycling Plus
$199 per month

  • No need to process or sort your recycling, just make sure everything is clean

  • Bag them, put bags into recycling bin

  • After we collect them, we will do the processing and sorting for you then we send them for recycling.

What We Recycle


Wine bottle, beer bottle and glass containers etc


Soft drink cans, beer cans and food tins etc

Paper and cardboard

Newspaper, cardboard and A4 paper etc


Type1,2,4,5,6,7 sorry we cannot recycle type 3

Tetra Pak

Milk cartoons, drink cartoons and paper cups etc

There are the questions you might ask

There are government recycling bins I can use, why should I pay for your service?

Government recycling bins are often overfilled and not collected for long periods of time. This leads to recycling materials being thrown into the general rubbish bins destined for landfill. There are many articles online about recycling bins being emptied into rubbish trucks and get taken to landfill. By providing you with your own recycling bin and collecting it weekly, we are providing a collection and sorting service. We make sure what we collect from you will go direct to the correct recyclers.

How do I know that my collections are properly recycled?

We work with Hong Kong's leading recycling companies delivering your recycling directly to them.

How much does it cost to have my own recycling bin?

We provide a $ 199 per month price plan. This includes weekly collection and sorting.

Which area do you cover?

We cover the whole of Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung and then beyond.

I Am Interested, What Do I do Now

1 Download Our App via App Store or Google Play
2 Register and Order a Love Recycling Bin on our App
3 We will be in touch to deliver your bin
4 Start collecting your recyclables
5 Put your recycling bin out on your collection day
6 Love our Planet, Love Recycling